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A successful project hinges on so much more than merely aesthetics. Careful analysis of consumer wants and needs coupled with strategic execution is critical to the delivery of a successful solution. At Metnet, we uses a well-established process based on a standard iterative process that has been mostly influenced by Microsoft MSF and Scrum Development Methodology, which offers highly customization, scalable, fully integrated set of software development processes, principles, and proven practices designed to deliver the type of guidance desired by the user when and where it is needed. We use this process to better manage and control projects in development and support proper quality assurance. We have created our own Process Control Documents to manage scope during each phase of a project. Our project approach allows us to maintain strong communication with the client while managing scope and schedule to achieve our high levels of project success.

o navigate through our process model, click on each of the major functional headings (Vision, Planning, Development and Stabilization) to gain access to the various Process Control Documents created in each phase. Click on the individual Process Control Document to get details on content, context and average time required to create each Control Document. Please note that not all process Control Documents are used in each project. We apply appropriate process controls to meet the unique business and technical requirements of each engagement.


Regardless of the solution type and size, we pay equal attention to providing rich functionality, high availability, user friendly interface, smooth and agile content delivery mechanics and attractive design.

Metnet provides:

Before writing the first code line, we make sure that every detail of your solution fits into your business model and your strategic development plan.

For enterprise applications, we ensure seamless integration with enterprise accounting, order management, CRM and BI systems enabling your business to continually benefit from effective optimization of business processes.